Midnight Miracle Hour.



Guns blazing.

There will be some science teaching. At least as much as I can get a word in with, and to the best degree of my rudimentary knowledge. 

Topics I hope to address:

  • How Louis Pasteur didn’t disprove abiogenesis
  • How science can’t prove a negative to begin with, nor is it the purpose
  • The Miller-Urey experiments
  • Quantum theory
  • What the second law of thermodynamics says, and why it has nothing to do with evolution
  • How complexity has nothing to do with how we identify something as created

Also, I may burst into a profanity-laden rant if any more of my questions are dodged. 


  1. do-over said: Your perseverance in this thing is absolutely fantastic and I love that you continue to do this. Kick ass.
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