Here’s an interesting artifact that Lisa may appreciate.

"Caught a Lite Sneeze" had always been rumored to be about Trent Reznor, particularly because of the line "Caught a lite sneeze / Dreamed a little dream /Made my own pretty hate machine."

Neither of them really talks about it, and the official word is that the two are friends.

But in 1998, two years after Boys for Pele Tori played a televised set, “Sessions Live at W. 54th Street.”

Towards the end of CALS, she goes into a tear, announcing “You said ‘I hurt myself today,’  (Oh God).  You never could  You never did  You’re full of shit  You never did  You never could  You never did  You’re full of shit.”

Changing the lyrics to songs on the spot one of Tor’s trademarks, but I’ve never seen her perform this version ever again.

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    Tori still rocks that piano!!
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    I always assumed they were. Trent was torturing himself with drug abuse back then, though, so it wouldnt surprise me...
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    He also sings backup in “Past The Mission” on “Under the Pink”. Neither of them have ever confirmed or denied anything...
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    Seems legit. What a tormented couple that would be, hot and tormented
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    Ryan gets me. When we’re not in a fight, at least.
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